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Stopping to smell the roses...even when you don’t have time.

I recently had the opportunity to participate in caring for a friend while he was under Hospice care in the home. My friend, who was also my neighbor, had been successfully battling cancer for the past year. Earlier this year we were saddened to learn that he was going to lose that battle. Dan lived several more weeks; long enough to give his only daughter away in marriage, and further impact all those who loved him.

The family chose to use Hospice Northeast, who subsequently came in and set up his care in the home, with his wife, Mimi, overseeing the various chores that had to be done. They provided wonderful training and support to the family. My ‘job’ was to change his Intravenous bags and flush his pic lines daily. (If you knew me, you would be say that I am squeamish is an understatement)

Dan had the keenest sense of humor you could imagine. He was always teasing and joking in his wonderful way. When I was pregnant with my daughter Molly, he used to jokingly call her ‘Molly McButter’. This he did in spite of my continuous protests and distaste for the nickname. On the day that I returned home with my new little baby, he sent the most wonderfully wrapped baby gift, a beautifully container of Molly McButter!

I think that when any one is in caregiving situation, whether part-time or full-time, there are opportunities for personal growth. Since I saw him daily, I had the opportunity to reflect continuously. Reflect on the value of life, humor, and family. Many of the friends and family who visited him, asked him for final thoughts. What I heard him say over and over was, “Enjoy the time that you have and make the most of your time with family, because you never really know how long you have.”

Dan was my neighbor and friend. His life, though short lived, was a testimony to his love for his family and friends. He gave me hope and reminded me, through his death, that I should take time to smell the roses. I will always think of my friend when I see a rose. Good-bye Dan.


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