Services for Elders and Their Families
when miles or circumstances prevent you from being there.
 Who are we?

ElderLink Inc. is a professional geriatric care management group, comprised of dedicated specialists trained and experienced in the assessment, coordination, and monitoring of services for older adults.  more...
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Centrally located in Jacksonville, Florida, we serve the people of Jacksonville and surrounding areas.  more...
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Our unique blend of  people makes the best geriatric team in Northeast Florida.

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Services for businesses

Forward-looking businesses recognize elder care as an employee issue, now and in the future.  We provide businesses with services relating to this need, including: 

Why should companies be concerned with Eldercare?

It’s simply a matter of demographics and good business!

A national survey of U.S. companies found that an average of 25% of all working adults have a “second job” – to help provide help for their aging family members. Seventy four percent this “second job” caused problems at work. Nearly half reported stress, more personal phone calls during the day, or the need for extra days off from work to take care of emergencies.

Another survey quantified this lost time, phone calls, and late arrivals can cost a company more than nine hours each month per caregiver.

Most caregivers range form 30 to 55 years of age – prime employment ages. More than half also have children at home. These baby boomers are now the Sandwich Generation, caught in the middle of caring for the needs of children and parents.

As our labor force ages and more women, the traditional caregivers for children and the elderly, enter the workplace the impact of eldercare issues will continue to grow. Like childcare during the 70’s and 80’s, eldercare is the business of the 90’s and beyond.


Group Services

  • On-site Education Seminars at various times for employees on the topics such as: Aging & Family issues, Medicare & Medicaid, Home Care Options, Nursing Home Placement, and Legal & Financial Planning.
  • On-site Information Booths to answer questions and distribute helpful information.
  • On-site Peer Support Groups / Caregiver Information Exchange.
  • Distribution of publication on special subjects related to current aging issues.


Employer Services

  • Supervisory Staff & Management Training Seminars.
  • Participation in New Employee Orientation.
  • Participation in Employee Health and Benefit Fairs.
  • Employee Survey.
  • Focus Groups.
  • Technical Assistance on Benefit Policy Issues.
  • Publications on timely topics.


Employee Services

  • Personalized Information and Referral services.
  • Special Designated telephone line for employees
  • Flexible hours for employee convenience.
  • On-site consultation for employees who prefer to meet at the workplace.
  • Long distance care giving assistance for employees whose elders live throughout the United States.


Services for elders and their families

When miles or circumstances prevent you from being with your loved ones, our team of professionals will manage and oversee all aspects of care for your elder.  We provide experience and expertise relating to:

  • Assessment
  • Geriatric Care Management
  • Guardianship

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