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ElderLink Inc. is a professional geriatric care management group, comprised of dedicated specialists trained and experienced in the assessment, coordination, and monitoring of services for older adults.  more...
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Centrally located in Jacksonville, Florida, we serve the people of Jacksonville and surrounding areas.  more...
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Our unique blend of  people makes the best geriatric team in Northeast Florida.

We invite you to  meet these unique, caring and thoughtful individuals. more…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hire a Care Manager?

Because of the variety of care options available and the fragmentation of information and services, locating appropriate services for your elder can be daunting. ElderLink can work with all care providers to assure that your elder is getting the best possible cost effective service.

How are ElderLink Services billed?

ElderLink services are billed privately, directly to the Caregiver of the elder.

Why is ElderLink different?

ElderLink is unique in that we are not affiliated with any services or Health Care Facility. Because of this unique model, we are able to choose the best care options from variety of providers. Your family works with a team that obtains, coordinates, and monitors all of you elders’ individualized care.

My elder is in a Nursing Home. How can ElderLink help us?

ElderLink works with many Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities in Northeast Florida. Many facilities work to balance many patient issues and needs with their own. Our main concern is your elder. We work to insure that proper care is given, often supporting the facility in trouble shooting and planning for care. We report directly to the elder and family.


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Frequently Asked Questions
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